Standard Economical & Practical Engineering Safety Padlocks, Steel Shackle

  • Item No.: RK-P11
  • Color: 8 Colors Available, Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Black/White/Orange/Purple or Customized colors
  • Shackle Dimension: Length 38mm x Dia 6mm

Description and features


  • Durable, lightweight and non-conductive PA material lock body, passed temperature from -57℃ to +177℃, shock resistance and anti-corrosion;
  • Lock shackle made of reinforced steel with zinc plated, strong, anti-rust, hardness strengthened and chemical resistance;
  • Suitable for outdoor critical weather, extreme environment and resistance UV rays;
  • Key retaining feature: you can remove the key only by locked;
  • High quality and grade lock cylinder, KD/KA/KDMK/KAMK or multi-level management groups are available;
  • Padlock sticker back can be written, lock body colors can be customized.
Item CodeItem Description
RK-P11Steel Shackle, KD/KA/KDMK/KAMK


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